July 20, 2016

Client magazines – are they worth the investment?

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A lot of businesses like the idea of a client magazine, but so many are reluctant to actually commit to producing one, usually due to time and cost. V Formation’s Leah Bradley explains why a client magazine is well worth the investment….

Lodders Life issue 3Firstly, it’s an ideal way of keeping in touch with clients, especially with those who you might not otherwise have contact with from one job to the next. A regular publication keeps your business fresh in their minds, making them more likely to pick up the phone to you rather than a competitor. And lets be honest, it’s always refreshing to receive a decent, high quality magazine in the post these days as appose to the usual raft of unsolicited emails and direct marketing flyers!

A client magazine is a really effective communication tool for sharing company news, updates and events and promoting new products or services to a large audience. Keeping your clients up to speed with what’s going on in the business not only bridges the gaps in face-to-face contact, but also helps them to feel part of your business community and allows them to get to know you better, making it easier to build long term relationships.

A good client magazine shouldn’t purely be about raising the profile of your business (although it will help significantly!), but it’s also an opportunity to showcase some of your clients and give them something back. Offering them some free space will earn you massive brownie points, make for a more interesting read and also show the different types of business you work with – this is particularly important if you’re trying to establish yourself in a new market or sector.

High quality, well thought-out publications can do wonders for your brand. As well as reinforcing your brand image and key messages, the longevity of a client magazine, compared with say a newsletter, means your name will be out there for longer. It provides a talking point when meeting new prospects and acts as a subtle sales tool which can be left behind and referred to at a later date without getting lost on a desk.

Another reason why we love client magazines is they can be great for team building. Involving everyone in the business in its production at some point with anything from content generation through to a star appearance, will boost morale and show employees that their contributions are valued. They will also get a sense of satisfaction and pride when they see their input in print.

What makes a good client magazine?

  1. Establishing a clear purpose – what do you want to achieve from the magazine?
  2. An interesting theme
  3. A good balance of well-written news, industry updates and other content, including a lead story
  4. Minimal sales content; let your stories and client features do the sales job for you
  5. Good photography
  6. Quality print and production

V Formation has helped to produce a number of high quality magazines for our clients, including illuminate – the client magazine from The Wilson Organisation. Most recently, V Director Hilary Campton, worked with law firm Lodders to publish the third edition of their client magazine, Lodders Life.


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