May 12, 2021

GripAble: helping to beat the rehabilitation grind

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We are delighted to have been appointed as marketing consultants to GripAble, the innovators behind a smart mobile assessment and training device to help people restore hand and arm movement and grip strength. Here we explain more about GripAble’s unique ‘hospital to home’ device and how it can help individuals to maintain their important physical rehabilitation activities.

There are currently six million people across the UK living with upper limb disability, and 384 million people worldwide. Physical rehabilitation is critical for people to restore quality of life after suffering a stroke, or the onset of many other neurological and orthopaedic conditions.

The pandemic impact

COVID-19 lockdown has resulted in many patients being isolated at home and unable to attend therapy appointments. Not only this, but the increased risk of stroke post-COVID and the need for physical rehabilitation amongst COVID survivors, means that a tsunami of disability could be coming, if digital solutions to support therapy are not implemented quickly enough.

At the cutting edge of occupational and physical therapy, GripAble is a smart mobile assessment and training device that connects to an app, to help people restore arm movement, grip strength, and, ideally, their independence.

From hospital to home

GripAble has been developed over the last seven years in consultation with thousands of occupational and physical therapists and patients across multiple clinical conditions and leading academic institutions including Imperial College London and Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust.

GripAble is unique in the way it provides therapists, and patients of all ages, the ability and transparency to track and assess progress. Connecting to a mobile app to play clinical-based activities to train core hand and arm movements in a fun and engaging way, GripAble provides patients with enjoyable and measurable activities that keep them motivated when alone.

Why measure grip strength?

GripAble being used by a patient

Grip strength is now being touted as the next big outcome measure in healthcare. Studies show that grip strength is a predictor of frailty and a keymeasure of healthy ageing in general. It has been shown to be a better predictor of cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular death than blood pressure, and is a marker of recovery from respiratory disease and cancer.

GripAble has the unique opportunity to be used by every single person coming into contact with the healthcare system globally, measuring and recording strength from early childhood until end of life care, giving the ability to not only change the face of physical rehabilitation, but also of healthcare in general.

We are excited to be a part of the GripAble journey and to help drive awareness of how it can help therapists and their patients.

To find out more about GripAble, please visit or click the image below to play a 90 second video.


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