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Helping women get dressed with confidence

Helping women get dressed with confidence
February 9, 2017 Hilary Campton

The millie lingerie Kickstarter campaign aims to help women feel confident again after breast cancer. V Formation’s Sue Carr shares details of a project that is close to her heart.

millie was conceived during an emotional moment in a changing room when founder, Sue Pringle first realised how hard it was to find a suitable bra after her breast surgery. Following four operations for breast cancer, and a recurrence ten years on, she understood, like thousands of other women, that she couldn’t wear a standard bra anymore, and how limited her choices were.

Sue was left wondering, “Are these the only choices I have? Is it just me or are there other women who feel the same way?”

Grumpy, but determined to find a solution, Sue researched the scale of the problem, discovering that women face a bewildering series of lingerie problems or “moments” that are hard to solve after surgery and treatment.  50,000 women in the UK alone are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and 500,000 more live with the impact of it in their lives.

Our original research has identified that 99% of women immediately replace their entire bra wardrobe after breast surgery, and it’s a difficult, frustrating search to find a suitable bra. Their dissatisfaction levels are high, especially in terms of design choice and comfort levels [source: millie lingerie survey].

In 2015, using funds raised from a successful Kickstarter campaign, Sue began prototyping her first bra design.

“If prototyping was our first chapter, this is the second; scaling the business into manufacture and beyond. Your pledges will be the financial oxygen we need to take this pre-trading business to investors, and onto market.”

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