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Do you need the News SEO WordPress plugin?

Do you need the News SEO WordPress plugin?
February 8, 2018 Amy Cooper

Yoast have recently announced a News SEO plugin which further optimises your site for Google News. Below are a list of some of the standout features and how they can help your site.

  1. The ‘meta news_keywords’ tag
    With this tag you can highlight the most relevant words in your article, increasing your SEO and therefore making you more likely to show up when the highlighted words are searched for.
  2. The ‘Standout’ tag
    The plugin includes the option to attach a ‘standout’ tag to content which highlights the original news headline that was created by you/your organisation. This can help you better differentiate and locate your original content/have a better understanding of how widespread your release is.
  3. Editors’ picks
    Editors’ picks are featured in the top right on select section pages and the Google News homepage. To submit an editors’ pick list you need to create a custom RSS feed which this new plugin provides. A box appears that says ‘Editors’ Pick’ which comes up with two sections ‘Editors’ Pick Image’ and ‘Image Title’ which you fill in.
  4. Advanced News SEO
    This allows you to decide whether a specific article should appear in the Google News sitemap. It also allows them to specify meta news keywords, set a genre (e.g press release, blog, opinion) and define stock tickets.

Other prominent features include:
– A free update and support for 1 year
– Your site is kept up to date with the ever-changing requirements by Google
– Your site is optimised to appear more often

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