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Outsourced marketing

Experienced marketers that act as an extension of your team

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Marketing is a key function in any business, particularly if that business has plans to grow, enter new markets and wants to communicate with clients and other stakeholders.

However, marketing can sometimes be perceived as a luxury or an unnecessary cost to a business and is frequently overlooked or done on the side.

Why outsource?

Effective marketing requires a wide range of expertise – from strategy, analysis, branding, communications, event management, SEO, copywriting, PR, creatives to name a few. Recruiting a team of skilled marketers to cover all these bases is not always feasible which is why outsourcing becomes an attractive option to many businesses.

V Formation can provide you with your outsourced marketing director to help you set your strategy and plan, oversee the implementation of marketing initiatives and manage in-house teams. We work alongside senior managers and business owners as an extension of their team to develop sensible and achievable marketing strategies that support business’ objectives.

We have a hands-on approach and work closely with our clients to get the job done.

For other clients, V Formation can offer the full solution – from setting  the strategy to delivering the results through the ongoing implementation of your marketing plan, taking the pressure off you and giving you the space to focus on what you do best.

Whatever marketing challenge you are facing, V Formation can work with you to put in place the best outsourced marketing solution to meet your needs.

To find out more about how V Formation can support your marketing function, please get in touch here or speak to a member of the team on 0115 787 0206.