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Our story

Our story

We are often asked why we chose the name V Formation for our business and so took a trip down memory lane into the internet archives via the Way Back Machine, and found an excellent explanation on the original V Formation website back in 2007.

So, why V Formation?

Lessons from nature and the power of the v formation.

We took our name from one of nature’s best lessons: the v formation flying pattern of birds.

A v formation increases the travel distance of birds by 70% compared to a solo flight. It teaches us to work efficiently as a team, and that we don’t have to do everything on our own.

As businesses we need to ensure we always know where we need to get to, and which race we are trying to win. A key part of that is ensuring that each team member is able and willing to perform to their maximum potential, with support from both colleagues and their leaders.

This ethos underpins how we work at V and how we work to support our clients, many of whom have been with us since we – or they! – first took flight.

“Helping our clients understand and communicate their competitive edge. Then fly. In formation…” –

Hilary Campton, Founder of V Formation

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