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Elevating Platelet Services’ online presence

Client: Platelet Services

Sector: Life Sciences

Platelet Services is a distinguished laboratory-based contract research organisation (CRO) that specialises in platelet testing assays. Offering a wide range of standard and customised testing services, it supports both small drug discovery companies and large pharmaceutical corporations in their drug development processes. With a dedicated team based in BioCity Nottingham, the company is recognised for its niche expertise and comprehensive support in drug discovery.

V Formation Ltd

We have been collaborating with Platelet Services since its inception in 2018. One of our most recent projects was launching a new, modernised website to bolster its online presence. 

Out with the old… 

Platelet’s previous website, whilst functional, has become outdated and was not reflecting the company’s professional and cutting-edge capabilities as well as it should.  

The primary objectives for the new website were clear. It needed to: 

  • Reinforce the company’s credibility, skills, expertise, and services 
  • Serve as a reliable reference point for potential clients 
  • Build trust with Platelet Services’ target audience 
  • Ensure a clear and intuitive website structure with easily accessible information about the platelet testing assays it offers 
  • Be developed on a modern, flexible WordPress theme 

…and in with the new! 

Having set a budget, and given ourselves a timeframe of five months, V Formation kicked things off by developing a detailed project plan to help keep things on track. We selected the brilliant FUSE4 as our web design partners, who provided the Platelet Services team with multiple design options that were refined to incorporate a new navy branding colour.  

In addition to crafting a new sitemap to enhance navigation and information accessibility, V Formation also spent time conducting thorough keyword research, and optimising the site’s pages based on these results, helping to boost the website’s search engine performance and overall user experience. 

Tangible results 

The rebranding effort led to a revitalised image for Platelet Services, with new colours and imagery that have been integrated across various marketing materials. The overall impact on the website’s performance has been substantial: 

  • Visitors to the website increased by over 50% 
  • Page views rose by 49%, and the time spent on the site increased by 44% 
  • Organic search became the primary source of website traffic, indicating enhanced visibility on search engines 
  • Domain authority increased by 112%, with backlinks increasing by 133% 
  • SEO performance improved significantly, with the site ranking at the top for 75% of the target keyword search terms.  
  • The site secured three featured snippets for key assay offerings: ‘platelet activation services,’ ‘platelet-leucocyte conjugates,’ and ‘platelet aggregation in whole blood’ 
  • Some keywords experienced dramatic improvements in search ranking positions, such as ‘platelet aggregation in plasma,’ which soared from position 30 to 5 

A resounding success 

Sue Carr, Director at V Formation, said:

“We have been working with the fantastic team at Platelet Services for over 10 years now, and it has always been a rewarding experience.  

“We are incredibly proud of the tangible results the new website has achieved, and to have met our original objectives of enhancing Platelets’ online presence and credibility, reflecting the company’s professional ethos in the site, and significantly improving its visibility and accessibility to clients. 

“The project underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality, impactful solutions that drive business success for our clients.” 

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