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Client: ESE

Sector: Universities & Research

Environmental Selective Extractions (ESE) is a commercial venture of the University of Lincoln. Led by Associate Professor Dr Jose Gonzalez-Rodriguez, the team designs ‘smart polymers’ that can extract either valuable or harmful compounds that are currently in our environment.

V Formation helped ESE with its branding, set up the social media channels, and created a website for Jose and his team to use to showcase their fantastic work.

V Formation Ltd

Getting to know ESE 

ESEEarlier this year, the V Formation team was introduced to ESE by Dr Derek Palmer, an experienced intellectual property practitioner, long-term friend of V, and adviser to several early-stage businesses.  

ESE is currently in the ‘pre-spin-out’ phase and needed its own brand identity and online presence to support the development of new partnerships and revenue streams across the globe. 

The polymers developed by ESE effectively act as a smart filter that can extract small quantities of rare or dangerous compounds from the environment or industrial waste or products. These can then be used, re-used or eliminated, depending on what is being extracted.   

Valuable compounds might include rare or expensive metals, whereas harmful compounds can include pollutants and radioactive materials. It is removing these harmful pollutants that really drives Jose’s purpose – to create a brighter, cleaner future. 

Developing the brand 

Creating a brighter, cleaner future became the mantra for ESE’s brand development, and was the key focal point within the branding, social media channels and website. 

The team at V Formation took the time and opportunity to immerse ourselves into ESE, and understand its core values and purpose and, of course its technology and services. The central aim of the project was to mirror ESE’s knowledge, passion and values in a clean, visually compelling, and easy-to-access website featuring its new branding. It was also important to ensure that all work was created cost-effectively, given the early stage nature of the business. 

Hilary and Amy took the initial lead with the project, managing the branding, creating a detailed brief and liaising with our web team at Fuse4 

Jo was responsible for capturing the core messaging and values to create compelling copy for the website. She led on the website and social media channels, including creating the associated imagery and ensuring the grant work examples, case studies and videos provided by Jose and the team were available for users to view easily on the website.   

Jo worked closely with Fuse4, to create a dynamic and visually compelling website that reflected ESE’s values and which it would use to showcase its work to potential partners.   

Showcasing ESE’s values   

The project was a resounding success: a beautifully crafted website that proudly showcases ESE’s key messages, values and work, in a true reflection of the team’s passion for making a positive impact on our environment. Their website and social media communication channels now play an important role for their road to commercialisation. 

Dr Jose Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Founder of Environmental Selective Extractions said:

V formation was great in helping to shape the company’s concept and effectively transferring the scientific message behind our technology into something that customers could relate to their own problems. The result is a very effective website and social media presence that grabs their attention and will help increasing our visibility.”  

V Formation’s Director, Hilary Campton adds:  

“The V Formation team relishes working with businesses such as ESE that have such a clear commitment to making a positive difference to our environment. The exciting technology that Jose and his team have developed has the potential to fill an important gap in the extraction sector, helping to create a cleaner and brighter future for us all.”   

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