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Client: HIVE360

Sector: Professional Services

HIVE360 is leading the way in employee engagement – one of the fastest developing growth strategies for UK businesses. Working closely with its marketing team and as part of the delivery of a scoping PR campaign, V Formation’s PR specialists developed, implemented, analysed and reported on an important piece of market research to investigate the key engagement drivers for UK employees.

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Employee engagement

Employee engagement is one of the fastest developing growth strategies for UK businesses.


Engaged employees can increase productivity by as much as 25 percent and are proven to positively impacts levels of absenteeism, staff retention and innovation, client and customer service, as well as employee purpose and their communication of the employer brand.

As employee engagement innovators, the team at HIVE360 believes everyone deserves the best work:life experience and that great communication, wellbeing support and financial benefits are the cornerstones of this. Access to information and support about finances and pensions, and to resources that help maintain good mental health, is key to happier, healthier and more engaged employees.

Market research strategy and aims

To garner insights and importantly statistics as to what employees themselves consider matters most when it comes to feeling engaged with their employer, and in turn to help employers harness the power of employee engagement, V Formation proposed that HIVE360 commission an important piece of research.

The research was structured to enable HIVE360 to use the findings to support its strategy to support and educate employers on what they are doing well, as well as what they may need to change to help ease workers’ biggest workplace worries.

The aim for the findings of the research was to provide fresh data and information that would underpin the multi-channel PR campaign, through unique insights on what the employees themselves say employers are doing well but also what they need to change.

About the market research:

  • Involved more than 1000 workers in a range of roles including senior decision makers, senior and middle management, office workers, full time and temporary workers.
  • Undertaken and completed in January 2020.
  • The survey had 1,017 responses from workers from across the UK.
  • Locations: East of England; Greater London; East Midlands; West Midlands; North East; North West Northern Ireland; Scotland; South East; South West; Wales; Yorkshire & The Humber.
  • Age groups taking part in the research: 25-34; 35-44; 45-54, 55+.


People at the Heart: a study of the key engagement drivers for UK employees

The findings of the research provide fascinating and unique insights into what today’s workforce value most in a supportive employer. From lifestyle and financial benefits, support through difficult times, and reliable and effective workplace technology, the research identified the specific drivers for employees, and in turn informed content, discussions and wider communications on how employers can deliver the best workplace experience and work:life support to their people, and how and why this can achieve loyalty, commitment and strong productivity.

Click here to receive your free copy of the People at the Heart research report.

Key themes

People at the heart

Seven potential barriers to employee engagement for the UK’s workforce are clear:

  • Workplace tech
  • Mobile tech
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Financial wellbeing and workplace pensions
  • Employee benefits
  • Culture and purpose
  • The hidden workforce.

Key findings:

Amongst the key findings of the study are:

  • Half of UK workers say poor workplace technology is bad for their health.
  • Two-thirds (65%) of senior decision makers feel poor workplace technology has a detrimental effect on their work:life balance, their mental health and financial wellbeing.
  • 36% of women and 33% of men use their mobile phone for managing their finances,
  • 12% of men and 16% of women also using their mobiles to keep track of their fitness and activity.
  • 26% of UK workers have no idea what their pension is worth.
  • 45% of UK workers view good benefits and perks as an indicator of a good employer
  • 52% of men believe good pay and bonuses are what makes a good employer.
  • 53% of workers say good benefits and perks are what make a company a good employer.
  • 55% of women and 45% of men say a good employer is one that offers and supports flexible working.


From our initial proposal through to delivery of the supporting PR campaign and comprehensive Report on the findings of the study, the research took just under four-weeks!

The V Formation PR experts were responsible for:

  • Writing and issuing a suite of news stories reporting on the headline findings of the research.
  • Writing and issuing series of in-depth stories on the individual themes identified in the research.
  • Achieving online and in-print coverage in specialist HR and business press, reaching an audience of almost 400,000 and an EAV of £20,000.
  • Writing the research report: People at the heart: a study of the key engagement drivers for UK employees.

For advice or assistance in launching a market research campaign, contact V Formation’s PR experts on 0115 787 0206 or drop us a line here.

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