Providing perspective and encouragement to junior marketers to help you achieve your career goals

Marketing can sometimes be a lonely place, particularly if you are in a team of one. This is something we recognise and as such V Formation offers mentoring to marketers at all levels and stages of their career.

To be a successful marketer, we all need help and guidance from our peers along the way. Choosing to work with an external mentor is essential for providing perspective and encouragement as you develop and work towards your career goals.

Providing insight and sharing experiences

Working closely with our mentees as a sounding board, we can give them confidence and perspective; provide guidance on career and personal development; and share our experience and knowledge to navigate the hurdles and avoid any pitfalls.

“The mentoring sessions have really guided me through situations where I have felt less confident, including presenting to large audiences and speaking up in meetings. They have also helped me set clear objectives to further my career within marketing and offer the advice I need to be the best I can be.” – Gabriella Kirk, QVS Global

We work with students in their final year at university looking to start their marketing career, right through to established and talented marketers that appreciate the sound advice and involvement of a mentor.

“My mentor could not have helped me anymore if she tried! She was excellent in finding time to help me with my application process for a placement, taught me things about marketing you can’t learn from a degree and has been an all-round amazing person to have support me through second year, I am so thankful to her.” – Hannah Theobald, studied BA (Hons) Marketing, Nottingham Trent University

Whether you are looking for a long-term mentoring relationship, or short-term support to help you navigate a specific project or stage in your career, we have a solution that can work for you.