Senior Marketing Executive

David Shindler

David is our design maestro.

As senior marketing executive, he co-ordinates the delivery of on and offline campaigns for V Formation and generates visual and written content for use across multiple platforms.

With six years’ professional experience in the marketing sector and a degree in graphic and media design under his belt, David is well versed in producing compelling, accurate and informative content for clients. He feels passionately about using his skills to help people find the best, most practical solutions to any visual communication challenges they may face.

Our go-to expert on all things Adobe and a bit of an artistic soul – it’s not every day you meet someone who can craft their own hand-made, bound notebooks – David’s capabilities cover all aspects of digital and print design, as well as other creative fields such as photography, video, basic programming, and content and editorial writing.

Outside of work, David enjoys supporting his wife Cara with her photography business and volunteering at the Shakespeare PHAB Club, a social club for adults with and without disabilities based in Stratford-upon-Avon. Fun fact about David: he has five sisters – so is used to working alongside lots of talented ladies (his words, not ours!).

Contact David Shindler

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