October 29, 2012

Making social media work

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Team V ventured out of the office to attend the On The Edge Live conference in Birmingham to swot up on the latest developments in the world of social media and all things digital.

On the train home we got thinking about what we had learnt and how new (and future) developments can benefit businesses in their use of social media to effectively boost their brand and make a positive impact on the bottom line.

One thing is for sure, social media will only work when there is a clear strategy in place to ensure social media is used to engage with the relevant target audiences. It simply isn’t enough to say “we need a Twitter account or a Facebook page or a Google + profile.” Your social media strategy needs to be carefully integrated with the overall brand and marketing strategy for the business. Once the strategy is in place there needs to be effective implementation through exciting, relevant, high-quality and engaging content.

Having a clear understanding of who the target audience is and what their wants, needs and desires are form the fundamental basis to getting the content right. Finally, to clearly understand the impact you are making in the social space, careful measurement and control is needed. This doesn’t have to be a complex process as there are a host of online tools available to measure the impact and track your prospects and customers

We love a day of learning – a lot of what was discussed was reassuring to hear – we are doing the right thing for our clients and our own business! But we are like sponges, always keen to get hold of anything new we can share with our clients to help them keep one step ahead of their competitors.

Social media provides different ways to engage with customers and, if done well, can build and strengthen brands but it is continuing to evolve with exciting changes and new developments coming all the time. We are off to tinker with our social media strategy! And if you would like to have a chat about yours then drop us a line.


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