Articulating your vision and embedding your values to build a strong brand

Your brand is what your clients and stakeholders perceive your business to be. It is more than a logo, a colour scheme or your products or services. It is what you do and why.

Every business starts with an idea, usually underpinned by a vision of what the business could become. Articulating and sharing the vision with your key stakeholders will help to inspire them to work with you.

As your company grows, the culture evolves and capturing what makes the company great through a set of common values or behaviours is essential in ensuring that the good bits are not lost, and that the company builds on those values.

It is the company’s vision and values that create a brand. Developing and managing your brand’s identity in line with your values, aligning your brand with the right activities and organisations and raising brand awareness will help your business to stand out from competitors, drive increased demand for your products or services and build deep client loyalty.

V Formation works with clients to help them articulate their vision and mission, as well as identify, agree and embed the company’s values.

The process is fun and interactive and allows for engagement across the company. Once the vision and values are established, we then help you to embed these in your company and in everything you do. This strengthens the brand, builds greater employee engagement and improves client loyalty and relationships.

V Formation follows five key steps:

  • Insight gathering and research with clients, suppliers and employees
  • Organise and run interactive vision and values workshops with employees to capture views and secure buy-in
  • Define the proposed vision and values and test them with clients, suppliers and employees
  • Engage staff and embed the vision and values in the company
  • Ongoing brand development to ensure the brand identity reflects the values