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Developing the brand for a global drug development consultancy

Client: Boyds

Sector: Life Sciences

Boyds is a global drug development consultancy that supports the translation of cutting-edge ideas into medicinal treatments for the benefit of patients.

V Formation Director, Sue Carr has worked with Boyds since 2013 as a strategic marketing director and sits on the company’s Executive Management Group.

After several years of steady and organic growth, Founder and President, Professor Alan Boyd, made the decision to scale the business to serve a wider global audience. He engaged with an external professional services firm [BDO] to take a look at the business, the competitor landscape and the opportunity for growth. This led to the development of a focused, strategic business plan.

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Capturing Boyds’ vision, mission and values

Working with the Boyds team, Sue set out the marketing strategy needed to support the planned growth. This presented the ideal opportunity to refresh the branding in order to support a ‘relaunch’ into the market.

With recruitment a key factor, there was a need to capture what makes Boyds such a great place to work. The company has a loyal team and very low staff turnover, and through a series of vision and values workshops, Sue was able to gain a deep understanding of why Boyds is so special. Alongside this, Sue surveyed the Boyds’ client base to gain valuable insights.

The workshops were all run online due to the pandemic, and every member of the Boyds team participated in the process. The insights gained from these interactive workshops and the client feedback, led to the articulation of a vision, mission and set of values that set out the sense of purpose and described the company’s culture.

This laid the foundations for the new brand development. Working together with our design partner, Fuse4, we worked up a detailed brief to develop the new branding, style guides and imagery.

Developing a new website

The next stage involved developing a new website and implementing the digital strategy to drive more inbound enquiries. This included the development of some US specific landing pages and a targeted AdWords campaign. Since its launch in March 2022, there has been a marked upturn in high quality leads and enquiries.

Commenting, Professor Alan Boyd, says:

“Sue is an integral part of our management team. She brings strategic insight, creative ideas and gentle challenge. She worked with the team and key stakeholders to pull together our vision, mission and values – something that had been in our heads, but never articulated. The process also brought the team together in interactive workshops. This then led to the development of our new brand and website, along with a digital strategy which has set us in good stead for our growth plans as we continue to expand into the US.”

V Formation’s director, Sue Carr, adds:

“Boyds is an exciting company on so many levels. The work carried out by the team is fascinating, often involving working on novel technologies that have never been seen before. For me though, it is the people that make such a great company. The team has a shared vision and purpose and the values, something we were able to capture with everyone’s input. The new branding has helped us to reposition Boyds in the market and enabled us to focus on further growth, especially in the US.”

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