Effective communication that builds a positive reputation and public image

As a media relations agency, we understand how an organisation is represented in the media has a huge impact on public perception of it – from customers, clients, suppliers, stakeholders and regulators to employees and journalists.

Public Relations (PR) is the discipline dedicated to looking after your reputation – especially how an organisation is portrayed and represented in the media. With the support of our professional PR team and our planned and sustained efforts to establish and maintain your positive reputation, we will work with you to create optimum control and influence over your reputation, market perceptions and positioning.

Of course, the media has a significant role in how an organisation is perceived. Our PR team works tirelessly to positively influence the media with strong, relevant, newsworthy, well-communicated stories and messages.

The 8-step planning tool

We work with clients in a creative, supportive, and intelligent way, to devise relevant PR strategies and programmes that build on, and embrace, our key campaign development process. This follows our unique 8-step campaign planning tool that underpins the creation and delivery of winning PR campaigns for our clients:

  1. Insight gathering
  2. Strategic alignment
  3. Key messages and objectives
  4. Building blocks
  5. Campaign planning
  6. News, issues, monitoring
  7. Campaign implementation and creative storytelling
  8. Evaluation, metrics & reporting

Delivery with results

From good news stories, powerful features, share of voice and thought leadership and opinion pieces, we will identify the best on and offline media that will put you in front of the people you want and need to engage with.

Our track record of securing earned media coverage for clients speaks for itself – and proves that we can walk the walk for clients to secure compelling coverage in their specialist sector media magazines, online media platforms, national, local and regional press. We’re proud to be the trusted media relations agency for our clients!

Working as part of your team, our proactive, creative PR support and advice will grow awareness and visibility of your business through a strategic mix of:

  • News press releases
  • Thought leadership and opinion pieces​
  • Negotiated, standalone in-depth articles​
  • Market research and white papers​
  • Client case studies​
  • Speaker opportunities
  • Journalist engagement
  • Media introductions and management ​
  • Tracking coverage, impact and ROI