Helping you to engage your employees with an internal communications strategy

At V Formation we know that in order for your external marketing and communications to work most effectively, it’s vital that internal comms is given equal importance.

At its most effective, internal communications is embedded throughout the organisation and is driven by strong company values. It helps provide purpose, backs up your brand, engages employees and allows you to control the message.

V Formation understands that making time for internal comms when everyone is busy, can be difficult. Our aim is to take away some of those time pressures. We can help you develop an internal comms strategy and put in place tools to ensure it becomes part of your company culture.

Our internal communications experts can assist you with:

  • Developing and implementing an internal communications strategy
  • Creating a set of brand values
  • Communicating the brand values to your employees in various ways, including workshops, handbooks/guides and internal campaigns
  • Employee coaching and training
  • Developing internal communication tools such as intranets and other internal systems

V Formation has lots of experience of internal communications and has successfully helped many clients to engage with their employees better. We understand that most companies now have a mix of generations within their workforce, and that the key to the success of internal comms – much like external comms – is down to ensuring the right messages are delivered at the right time, using the right channels for your employees.