Creating and executing well thought-out campaigns that deliver results

Effective marketing campaigns don’t include all marketing efforts for your brand, rather they promote a single idea or goal that steers your audience towards a desired action. They should be impactful, measurable, focused and follow a consistent theme.

Creating a successful marketing campaign involves careful planning and good campaign management from start to finish to ensure the right message is communicated to the right people in the right way using a variety of channels. This is where the experienced marketers at V Formation can help. We will enable you to create, execute and measure the effectiveness of your campaign to maximise the ROI.

V Formation’s campaign management support includes:

  • Creating a campaign plan
  • Helping you to clarify your SMART campaign goals and key messages
  • Identifying the most appropriate channels to communicate your campaign
  • Developing marketing assets, such as adverts, social media tiles, website landing pages, PR etc
  • Identifying the key metrics to measure
  • Managing the campaign and its launch
  • Measurement and reporting

Whether you’re launching a new product or service, wanting to raise your company’s profile, grow your social media following or promote a particular area of expertise, V Formation can help ensure your campaign has the best chance of success.