Robust marketing strategies and plans to support your objectives

We want your business to fly, and to help ensure that it does, we bring a fresh approach to the strategic marketing process to help you get the focus right from the outset.

The strategic marketing planning process involves setting goals and objectives, analysing internal and external factors, developing targeted plans, then implementing them and tracking progress and results. Done right, this process puts all of the pieces together to ensure everything that you do contributes to the success of your business.

As strategic thinkers, our senior team members have a wealth of experience in developing effective marketing strategies that provide focus, along with plans that help deliver against your objectives. We work closely with you to understand your market, audiences, competitor landscape and objectives to develop an effective marketing strategy that provides focus (and some stretch).

Once the strategy is defined and agreed, we work on the marketing plan. This is both strategic and tactical and is carefully aligned to the business and marketing strategy. We ensure the plan is both realistic, based on resources available, and measurable to drive the results needed whether that be increased sales, raising brand awareness, launching a new product or service, or entering a new market.

Unlike many other agencies, we are also hands-on doers and not afraid to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in with the implementation and delivery of the plan. We can work with you in a way that suits you and your business. This can be by taking ownership (which a lot of our clients appreciate as they do not have the in-house resources to deliver the plan), or simply overseeing the implementation to provide the support and direction to in-house marketing teams.

No marketing strategy and plan is complete without the ongoing measurement and analysis of results to ensure the plan (and we!) are delivering a return on investment. If something isn’t working as we might have hoped, we will pause and refine and go again. Where initiatives are flying, we look to maximise those to drive even greater results.

Our strategic marketing planning approach includes:

  • Insight gathering
  • Internal research
  • External research and competitor analysis
  • Developing the strategy (which is produced in an easy-to-follow summary document)
  • Developing the plan to include initiatives and creative ideas from across the marketing mix
  • Setting KPIs
  • Implementation
  • Analysis and measurement to ensure ROI