Expert support with managing, advising, planning and implementing a bespoke crisis communications solution

No business can be 100% certain that it will never be hit by a crisis, which could be triggered by or develop from a variety of situations: a workplace accident, restructure of the business, employee issues, or a cyber security breach, to name just a few. The secret of crisis management is not good vs bad; it’s preventing the bad from getting worse, which is why it is one of the most important elements of your PR and communications strategy.

By definition, crisis communications is the “effort taken by a company to communicate with the public & stakeholders when an unexpected event occurs that could have a negative impact on the company’s reputation.”

The best way to be sure that your business can effectively manage a crisis is to be proactive and prepared, so that the team knows how to respond, and can do so quickly if a crisis comes knocking. Don’t assume it might never happen to your business or that if it does, it will be alright to react if and when the time comes.

Big or small, commercial, or not-for-profit, it makes good sense to include a crisis management strategy in your overall business plan – and the V Formation team can help you do this. We can work with your team to explore and anticipate the kind of potential threats your business could one day face, and identify and support the people in your team who are best placed to work with us to implement the crisis management and communications plan.

Our crisis management service includes:

  • Creating a business-personalised, step-by-step crisis management plan
  • Delivering media training for your spokespeople to ensure they are ready to face the press
  • Providing specific, relevant, clear, sensible advice on where to begin
  • Creating a detailed and bespoke crisis management handbook and procedures
  • Providing on-site support at your premises, including media interface and liaison
  • Monitoring social media and online news platforms to keep on top of what’s being said about your business.