Marketing advice and support for family businesses and SMEs

We understand that running a family business or an SME brings a unique set of challenges and is often a bit of a juggling act. We know that those running the business have a lot to deal with, often in areas where they have limited knowledge.

V Formation has many years of experience dealing with busy business owners and we strive to make their life that bit easier by providing focused marketing advice and support that delivers results, helping to ease the burden.

Family businesses and SMEs are often focused on growth. V Formation can work with you to help achieve and accelerate this growth with a mixture of strategic marketing advice and focused, targeted, marketing activity that makes an impact. We appreciate that resources can be limited and are happy to act as your outsourced marketing team to make things happen.

How we can help

We have experience of working with a range of family businesses, in various sectors, and can help with:

  • Developing a strategic marketing approach
  • Developing and implementing a focused tactical plan of marketing activities
  • Raising awareness of your product or service with PR that delivers results
  • Managing your digital marketing approach, including your website and social media
  • Developing and implementing lead generation campaigns
  • Mentoring or training members of your team who you want to develop