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How to establish your business as a commercial enterprise

Client: WAPHA

Sector: Universities & Research

Formed by three world-renowned scientists; Professors Chris Thomas, Mark Macklin and Pim Martens, WAPHA is the commercial arm of the Lincoln Centre for Planetary Health.

The innovative, action-orientated, expert group was created to provide specialist leadership and expertise in the geography and ecology of planetary health for partnership with development projects around the globe.

Having been referred to WAPHA through our work with an existing client, V Formation’s core objective was to help establish the business as a commercial enterprise.

V Formation Ltd

Building the WAPHA brand

The V Formation team was led by Hilary, with Joss project managing and Amy looking after all the digital aspects. With the goal of making WAPHA the go-to for water and planetary health consultancy, we got to work on the following:

  • Designing branding for WAPHA
  • Creating a new, engaging website
  • Identifying media platforms and pulling together a target audience for WAPHA promotion
  • Sourcing speaker and commentary opportunities
  • Identifying partnerships, possible collaborators and organisations that might engage WAPHA’s services
  • Creating and launching a promotional video
  • Pulling together marketing collateral for use across all platforms.
  • Setting up social media channels (namely LinkedIn and Twitter) and creating social media assets
  • Identifying relevant associations, keywords and links to drive SEO
  • Promoting the mapping tool
  • Setting up email marketing

V Formation briefed website designers, Fuse4, on the requirements for WAPHA’s website, while the V Formation team wrote content to populate the site. We also provided the privacy policy and set up Google Analytics and Mailchimp on the site.

We then storyboarded, scripted, recced and briefed the videographer for the promotional video, prepped and managed the client during filming, and advised on changes and use of visuals in the editing process to help deliver a professional, informative and engaging video ready to be uploaded to the site.

We also storyboarded, scripted, and briefed on the creation of a promotional video for a key future service to be provided by WAPHA, namely a mapping tool.

Lightening the load for our clients

With the WAPHA team consulting around the world, we worked with them to their timeframe to deliver the project, both in person and via Teams.

The three founding members are delighted with the outcome of the project. One of the key differences and difficulties for them was having to consider the commercial aspects and goals of WAPHA.  V Formation was able to take that pain away for them and keep them focused on delivery.

Professor Chris Thomas, WAPHA, says:

“It is a pleasure to reflect on my experience working with V Formation – Jocelyn has been an absolute joy to work with and has expertly guided us in strategy and marketing as we create our new business. I am sure this presented a challenge as our work can be very technical and covers a variety of industrial sectors and potential markets. Consequently, I am so glad we started working with Jocelyn early in the process. She not only helped focus our thinking and develop our offering, but she gave us brilliant insights into modern marketing that we are confident will deliver. As part of this she also expertly coordinated and produced our online and social media presence, including organising promotional videos that has given us a compelling platform with the potential to scale as our business expands.

“Jocelyn’s guidance was timely, perfectly pitched, proactive, and we are particularly grateful for her patience and constant good humour. I look forward to working with Jocelyn and V Formation as we embark on the next stages of commercial development.”

Jocelyn Brathwaite, V Formation, adds:

 “Working with Chris, Mark and Pim has been incredibly enjoyable and, for me, hugely informative.  They not only opened my eyes to planetary health and all its challenges but to the incredible work they do.  One of our biggest challenges was to help them deliver their key objectives in commercial terms that partnerships and organisations would understand and engage with.”

V Formation provides a wide range of marketing and PR services to help boost your online presence and stay ahead of your competitors. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more about how we can lighten the load for you and help you achieve your goals.

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