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Exceptional leaders for a virtual world 

London-based Ascend is a talent strategy and leadership development and coaching consultancy that has worked globally in the field of behavioural change for over ten years. Understanding that these uncertain times call for exceptional leaders, Ascend developed a suite of new Virtual Leadership Development Programmes, and turned to V Formation for strategic advice and marketing support for its effective launch.  

Behavioural change

Ascend works in the field of behavioural change for leading financial institutions, professional and business advisers, utility companies, construction firms and international broadcasters throughout the world.​ 

Responding to the business, travel and social restrictions brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Ascend team transitioned from its usual face-to-face leadership development and coaching programme delivery, to a comprehensive portfolio of online sessions.  

Knowing that supporting and developing exceptional leaders has never been more important than in the current uncertain times, this portfolio of online development sessions includes a modular mini-series of powerful leadership programmes to help organisations support, challenge and develop their leaders in a virtual, online world.  

The Virtual Leadership Programmes: preparing for the launch

Ascend’s senior team turned to V Formation for strategic advice on the most effective and relevant marketing channels, collateral, and cost-effective approach to inform clients and prospects about its new Virtual Leadership Programmes, with the main objective of generating enquiries and bookings.  

Ascend Virtual Leadership ProgrammeIn under four weeks, V Formation helped Ascend prepare for the launch. We recommended a range of marketing and communications tactics to unveil the new virtual programmes, along with ongoing marketing and PR support to maintain and build awareness and presence. With the focus on a strong, clear call to action, and to drive website visitors, our portfolio of work included:    

  • Copywriting and planning for a dedicated landing page on the Ascend website, that clearly communicates the Virtual Leadership Programme’s four online modules and drives HR professionals and company directors to sign up for a taster session and more information. 
  • Guidance and copywriting support on the content and nature of marketing collateral for download from the website and sharing electronically, 
  • Creating social media content to engage with the target audiences, to ensure awareness together with ongoing engagement and promotion, 
  • Writing two versions of a launch news story, submitted to specialist HR, training and management development media, as well as generic business media, both in print and online. 
  • Advising on an email marketing campaign with inbuilt marketing automations to target existing contacts, prospects and referrers with information about and offers for the new programme. 

About the Programmes  

The Ascend Virtual Leadership Development Programmes are designed to give business leaders and senior executives the tools and resources to address the current demands on their leadership, whilst being mindful of the scrutiny on budgets and expenditure. The programme means leaders will be better equipped to help others to be resilient, to build strong remote teams, to have successful conversations, and to create powerful client and customer relationships. 

The virtual programmes are a blend of facilitated discussion, peer learning, and insightful content tailored to suit the current climate, that will deliver the skills and knowledge to arm leaders with the know-how and resilience via an online session. It launches with four key topics: 

  • Enhancing personal and team resilience 
  • Leading successful remote teams 
  • Building successful client relationships 
  • Successful remote conversations. 

To maximise the value for participants, each workshop runs over two 75-minute sessions and for a maximum of 12 people, and is ideal for senior professionals and business owners and leaders, executives, and senior HR professionals, irrespective of business type, market, or sector. 

Ascend is passionate about bringing together great people with deep expertise to support and challenge leaders and leadership teams to attain and sustain elite performance . For more information:   For more information about its Virtual Leadership Programmesvisit:  or email: 

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