September 13, 2016

PR for life sciences: how to boost a product’s lifecycle

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V Formation’s Jose Gonzalez outlines some of the key PR resources that life science businesses can utilise to help a new product succeed during the different stages of its development lifecycle.

Public Relations, or PR, is a powerful marketing tool for launching any new product, and one that life science companies should embrace to help take their innovations into the commercial environment. The availability of new content platforms such as online social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook), video hosting websites (Vimeo, YouTube) and specialist blogs, provide an extensive realm of PR resources that, if used wisely, can help a company to effectively meet its commercial goals.

PR for life sciences

PR activities can be applied during the whole lifecycle of a product to enhance its success, however certain tools are more effective during specific development stages:

Pre-launch stage: The effective use of press releases at this point of the product’s lifecycle creates expectations among the target market and the different stakeholders around the innovative product or service. This expectation can help to drive traffic to your website, which can then be used to introduce educational and other relevant information.

Market entry stage: Just after the launch of the product or service, other channels such as the media, specialised websites and social networks can be used to effectively disseminate the information and reach the target market. Educational events such as public demonstrations are also helpful. All of these PR tools and activities need to be well coordinated and follow a PR plan.

Late stage: To maintain interest in a product or service, tailored PR campaigns can add another layer of activity and promote interaction between the consumers and the brand. Interacting with the consumers tends to build up loyalty and creates good will. Yet, combining the resources used on the previous stages can help in the transition to the next generation of the product or service.

A good understanding of how PR for life sciences can be applied throughout a product or service lifecycle, along with a detailed and well thought-out PR plan, can play an important role in preparing, launching, growing, and extending the commercial life of a product or service.

V Formation works closely with innovative Life Science companies that require public relations management to provide the commercial and communications expertise that helps them to effectively pursue their desired goals. For assistance with your PR strategy, contact our Life Sciences marketing and Public Relations specialist Sue Carr on 07809 727533 or click here to drop Sue an email.

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