November 21, 2017

The use of video in the marketing mix

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V Formation recently teamed up with Seven Video Productions to showcase the importance of video marketing when thinking about reinventing your brand image, or wanting to get across a particular message. Most recently, our client XenoGesis underwent a brand transformation in which video played a crucial role.

In the digital age, where our attention spans continue to decrease, the use of video is vital in keeping an audience engaged. According to Seven, a recent survey showed that as many as 4x the number of consumers would rather watch something than read it< and there is no doubt that as technology expands, that number will continue to rise.

Video can be an extremely useful tool when re-thinking your marketing strategy. It can, for example, attract a younger market and bring in new clients, but also, video is favoured by Google and can vastly improve your SEO. According to Seven, video adverts get an average click-through rate of 1.84% which is higher than any other digital format.

Reasons to use video in your marketing strategy:

video marketing

  • It is compatible and visually appealing on all devices
  • Favoured by Google
  • A chance for companies to experiment creatively
  • Attract a younger market
  • Adds a more personal connection with your audience
  • Helps to build trust
  • Looks professional

XenoGesis – The power of video in action

Recently V Formation partnered with Seven Video Productions to assist laboratory-based contract research organisation XenoGesis. The goal was to create two short, modern and effective videos showcasing their facilities, employees and their work in action. XenoGesis is now in its 6th year and has grown and evolved significantly in that time. They have become the UK’s largest independent provider of DMPK services and were in need of a way to broadcast and highlight their expertise as well as demonstrating the true value they can add to clients’ drug discovery projects.


Through the use of video, XenoGesis highlights the importance of expertise within their business by showcasing real employees using cutting-edge technology at their base in BioCity. In a mere few minutes they got to not only introduce XenoGesis and its capabilities by adding a personal touch that text would not be able to convey, but they could also visually show the work environment and use of the groundbreaking technology.

V Formation regularly works with clients to help them develop and implement their marketing and video strategy, taking them through the thought process of why video is needed and what it needs to achieve. We regularly collaborate with specialists, such as Seven Video Productions, to implement the strategy and ensure our clients achieve their objectives. If you’d like to discuss how video marketing can be used to maximise your marketing efforts, please contact Sue Carr or a member of the team on 0115 667 0131.


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