August 9, 2017

Creating an exceptional user experience

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The way a customer feels about a company is just as important as the product or service they are buying when it comes to recommendations. V Formation’s guest blogger Jose Gonzalez explains why the ‘user experience’ is especially important for the life sciences.

Science brings people together to achieve great things, but without a similar connection to their customers businesses in the life sciences sector may not succeed.

‘User experience’ is a concept that describes the emotions and attitudes of an individual towards a product or service. A good user experience adds value to the customer on a personal level and increases the chances of a recommendation. life sciences user experience

Businesses should strive for an exceptional user experience to maximise referral potential. To deliver an exceptional experience, businesses need to step into the shoes of its customers to find out about their buying experience and think ‘outside the box’ for solutions to potential problems. This is because no matter how good a product or service is, if the delivery method is not up to scratch it will result in customers not being passionate about a company, therefore creating a gap for competitors.

How to deliver an exceptional user experience

Considering the following points could help you to deliver an exceptional user experience that will in turn increase customer retention and improve your chances of recommendations:

  • Train staff on internal capabilities and problem solving: Good quality training gives staff members the confidence to interact with customers and provides them with the knowledge to offer different solutions to one single request. A well-informed workforce will build trust with your customers and a good brand reputation will follow.
  • Customers are people too: Ensure your existing and potential customers are treated as individuals. Take the time to understand their needs and then provide solutions to the problems their projects might face.
  • Use your networks: There are some problems that your company might not be able to solve. Putting your customers in touch with the right people will be much appreciated and may also generate referrals back.
  • Make every stage of the purchase easy: Ensure you have efficient processes in place to make purchasing your product or service as easy and straightforward as possible. Long-winded or difficult processes will reduce the overall user experience so it’s important to get this right.

Making a connection with the individuals involved in the buying process of your products or services and enhancing their user experience could make the difference in adding value, loyalty and respect to your life science company and help to foster future growth through recommendations and referrals.

Contact V Formation’s life sciences marketing expert, Sue Carr, for a friendly chat about how we could help you create an exceptional user experience for your customers.  Call 07809 727533 or click here to send Sue an email.

About the author:

Jose Gonzalez, V FormationAn MSc graduate from the University of Nottingham, Jose Gonzalez completed a placement with V Formation in 2016 and is now our guest blogger for life sciences marketing. Jose’s background is in biotechnology and innovation management and during his time with V he worked with some of our life sciences clients on their business development initiatives.


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