July 13, 2017

General Data Protection Regulation: a checklist for marketers

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On 25 May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect. Here at V Formation we’ve started ensuring our data and processes are up to scratch with the new regulations. To help other marketing teams to do the same, we’ve put together a handy checklist of things to consider.

Audit your marketing data

  • Where is it stored?
  • Who has access?
  • Do you need to invest in a CRM or other IT systems?

Clean your data

  • Remove duplicates
  • Try and ensure it is in one place
  • Keep it ‘clean’!

Consider processes for inputting/storing data

  • Who inputs/removes data?
  • Where are opt-ins recorded?
  • Are you able to quickly access specific data?
  • What are the time frames for deleting specific campaign or event data?

The team

  • Raise awareness of GDPR – consider specific training
  • Ensure everyone who has access to marketing data is aware of the processes for inputting and storing your marketing data
  • Think about the less obvious people who handle marketing data e.g. PAs
  • Do you need extra resources to get your data compliant?

Opt-in campaigns

  • Beat the rush – do it sooner rather than later
  • An opportunity to gain insights to enhance your data
  • Set a deadline and send reminders
  • Consider a value exchange
  • Double opt-in/welcome email
  • Check your email platform is compliant
  • Consider if you need to do a post or SMS opt-in campaign

Develop/revise your privacy policy

  • Make it relevant to your organisation
  • Ensure it is presented clearly and is easy to understand
  • Make it thorough and transparent
  • Consider Google Analytics, cookies and other platforms
  • Ensure it is on your website

Consider external agencies

  • Review contracts
  • Do they comply with the GDPR?

V Formation has developed a GDPR toolkit, to help take away the pain of getting your marketing data ‘GDPR ready’. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch


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